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Hapax #5

170 x 230 mm, 80 pages
London, UK
Editors: Christiane Monarchi and Gordon MacDonald 
Designer: Ania Nateçka-Milach 

'Commissioning and publishing new photography'

Taking their name from the literary term hapax legomenon meaning ‘a one off or that which is recorded once’, issue five of this slick, small-format photography mag considers itself an incubator for seven artists to test a new style, idea, or departure from their typical work.

Featured inside are exclusively commissioned projects by Jenny Lewis, Mohsen Yazdipour, Issam Larkat, and Amak Mahmoodian; Tshepiso Moropa collages a story of a man, a tree, and a cure; Regine Petersen explores parallel realities of Elvis Presley, featuring images from the musician's estate; and Máté Bartha trains the camera on summer's unsung heroes: external air conditioning units.

Oh, and make sure to appreciate the nifty pull-out pages tucked away inside... 

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