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Isolarii #7

110mm x 70mm (tiny!), 444 pages
First published in 2020
Series editors: Sebastian Clark & India Ennega
Art director: Ben Ganz

The seventh edition of the dimunitive isolarii (meaning ‘island texts’) is titled ‘In the Face of War’, with Yevgenia Belorusets, Nikita Kadan, and Lesia Khomenko answering an age-old question: what is art to do in the face of war?

Published on the occasion of the 2022 Venice Biennale exhibition This is Ukraine: Defending Freedom, issue seven is the culmination of Yevgenia’s war diary, alongside monumental work by Kadan and Khomenko.

‘The young artists in this book continue to live and work in wartime Ukraine. They confront the daily onslaught of death and its reckoning. But, in the face of war, they still preserve its unintelligibility. It is by such means that history might walk down another path than the one its perpetrators intend.’

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