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Like the Wind #41

200 x 255 mm, 138 pages
London, UK
Editor: Simon Freeman
Co-editors: Imogen Lees and Amory Rowe
Creative director: Julie Freeman Kummer
Co-creative director and designer: Alex Murphy

'Global running stories'

Like the Wind brings together stories for, by, and about people who run. This isn't a magazine about how to run — but why. The perfect place for those looking for running community and/or inspiration to lace up their shoes and get outside, whether for the first time or just the first time in a little while...

Issue #41 is The Women's Issue, a special edition bringing together dozens of women and their experiences with, and relationships to, running—across ages, abilities and geographies. In the words of co-editors Imogen Less and Amory Rowe:

'When women run together, we instantly create a space for discussion. In small groups on trails and asphalt, in team practices and in crews and clubs, female runners quickly establish a safe forum to talk about our lives, our emotions, our physiology, our families, our achievements and our fears. Our personal bests, if you will. 

We're bringing to the fore the words that spring up during during those intimate moments when feet pound pavements and traverse trails, when women communicate without eye contact but find the freedom to speak that comes from sharing a physical endeavour.

On the Journal: It’s this one thing
'I’d say I’ve ‘been a runner’ since I moved to London a little over five years ago. I’d tried it before then—for a few months while living in Edinburgh and again while I lived in Sheffield, but it never stuck. I struggled to push through to the to the fabled ‘other side’ (translation: to stick with it long enough that my body grew strong enough for me to be able to enjoy it). So what changed? Well, I finally found community...' READ MORE

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