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189 x 250 mm, 126 pages (spiral-bound with stickers and card)
London, UK
First published 2023
Photographed by: Alan Gignoux and Chloe Juno
Design: Chloe Juno and Emily Macaulay 

This spiral-bound photobook ‘documents and commemorates communities in North-Rhine Westphalia earmarked for demolition’ in the face of Germany's expanding opencast coal mining industry.

Captured by photographers Alan Gignoux and Chloe Juno on their visits to four such villages—Manheim, Keyenberg, Immerath and Morschenich—you'll find double spread images of shuttered homes and abandoned buildings, juxtaposed with remnants of everyday objects; traces of their former residents printed on a mix of smaller inset pages. 

Each copy also includes a set of stickers featuring slogans protesting the mines, as well as a card. 

Edition of 150.

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