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Mousse #88

237 x 325mm, 250 pages
Milan, Italy (Italian and English-language)
Quarterly since 2006
Editors: Chiara Moioli and Antonio Scoccimarro
Art director: Francesco Valtolina

Large-format Mousse gives a platform to international criticism of contemporary culture, commissioning essays and artwork each issue.

‘Poetics and politics cross paths’ in this Summer 2024 issue, featuring a two-part Survey of American poet/performance artist John Giorno, plus Fiction from Erica Hunt, an essay by Allison Grimaldi Donahue on poetry's resurgence within contemporary art today, Tidbits featuring Riar Rizaldi, Ian Waelder, Cyrstal Z Campbell and others, and Alexis Pauline Gombe on this issue's Thinker, Audre Lorde.

Just the one cover this time, purely typographic and fire engine red.

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