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New York Review of Architecture #41

270 x 405 mm, 44 pages (staple bound)
New York, US
First published in 2019
Editor: Samuel Medina
Art director: Laura Coombs
Cover: Sean Suchara

Tall and slim (much like a skyscraper...), the NYRA naturally ‘reviews architecture in New York,’ featuring columns, essays, criticism and more, beginning with a particularly amusing Letters to the Editors section. 

Smartly redesigned last year—its newsprint pages and slab serif typography Interview-esque—you'll find plenty of visual character to go alongside the sharp writing. 

The rat mascots of NYRA enjoy their summer hols on the cover of the latest issue for July/August 2024. Take their example and enjoy some beach reading with a speculative fiction by Aaron Timms imagining a near future urban renewal development called Sunnyside Yards. Elsewhere, test the liminal boundaries between private and public with Gaza solidarity encampments, and then deconstruct the mental architecture of the attention economy.

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