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No One #1: In Amsterdam

140 mm x 245 mm, 130 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands
First published 2024
Editors-in-chief: Viêt and Jeremy Raider-Hoàng
Design: Samuel Salminen

A brand new magazine examining queer nightlife and culture. For this first issue, where better place to start than the city this magazine was born in? Hello, Amsterdam. But where did the idea for a magazine exploring queer communities as found on the dancefloor originate from? As editors Viêt and Jeremy write, it began with:

'Steaming heat, pumping beats, and stomping heels, they wore them fiercely and danced in them joyously. Their femininity, masculinity, and humanity converged on the dance floor. They were us, and we were them. With them, we were everyone. Without them, we were no one.

'This vivid encounter at a party by Supernature — a queer collective in Amsterdam — was perhaps when the seed for No One Magazine was initially sown.'

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