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Oof #13

161 x 239 mm, 82 pages
London, UK
Editor & founder: Eddy Frankel
Associate editor & co-founder: Justin Hammond
Design: Tim Clark

‘That’s football. That’s life.’

The wonderfully-named, small-format Art & Football magazine—a crossover with a longer history than may at first seem the case. The latest issue explores how football can reference and be referenced by the long tradition of art history. 

Photographer Louis Bever shows off his football jersey collection in portraits that imitate the famous works of Frida Kahlo and Paul Gauguin. Video artist Marianna Simnett discusses building up her body of football knowledge after being commissioned to make an installation for the 2024 Euros. And Oof makes a comprehensive survey of the artistic significance of football tops over the last hundred years.

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