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Pact #1

210 x 295 mm, 136 pages
London, UK
First published 2022/23
Editor: Becky Hoh-Hale

'An inspiration magazine for creative weddings'

I'm not sure this has ever happened before but, I just got sucked into a wedding magazine. Yes! It's true! New publication Pact is a wedding publication like no other. Meeting at the intersections of weddings, art, design and creative living, this is a nuptials magazine for the creatives out there. Plus, representation is diverse here. Queer weddings and PoC couples abound. 

With great design throughout (it's been art directed by the team behind the equally aesthetically-pleasing FatBoy Zine), Pact is colourful, inspirational and includes interviews with newly-wedded couples, ideas around accessories, venues, cakes, hair and make-up, celebrants, affirmation cards, how to make your polyamorous pals feel welcome amongst the serial monogamists and more. A very well-designed first issue from the people behind the Most Curious Wedding Show.

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