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Pamplemousse #9

215 x 280 mm, 114 pages
London, UK
First published 2021
Founder and editor-in-chief: Nora Lalle
Design and layout: Sierra Gondrez
Cover by: Sarah Mei Herman

'Film photography by contemporary artists'

Pamplemousse platforms emerging and established talents in the world of film photography with particular effort to support underrepresented voices. Each issue is packed with full colour photographs, features, essays, and interviews. 

Their ninth edition is 'The Love Issue', opening with the famous Beatles line 'All you need is love' against a glossy red backdrop. As editor Nora Lalle writes in her opening letter, 'When making a magazine around this theme, it was important to portray the many sides of love. [...] Forbidden love, self-love, unconditional love... grief, loss...' The photographs featured inside do just that.

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