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Spectra #3

155 x 240 mm, 240 pages
San Francisco, USA
First published 2021
Editor: Erica Avey
Design: Wiegand von Hartmann

The incredibly minimalistic design of Spectra puts its writing centre stage (and makes for a slick reading experience at that). What began as a mid-pandemic idea, now exists as something tangible ...and unique

Created as a physical space for a group of people known as 'Spellers'many of whom are autistic and unable to express themselves through speech—instead they use the written word to show how and what they're feeling. Their work is published alongside more established poets, with only writer’s names being revealed.

The editor's poem sets the mood for the latest edition: ‘Yes, this third issue feels like noon summertime heat/that steams Sonoma suburbia and turns the hills gold/again.’

From the Journal:
Spectra’s 234 pages contain only words—there are no images—but the sheer simplicity of this combined design sense brings those words to life.’
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