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The Best Of Nest

Celebrating The Extraordinary Interiors From Nest Magazine

By Todd Oldham, 2020
279 x 229 mm, 542 pages (hardback, signed edition) 

Published from 1997-2004, edited by the artist Joseph Holtzman, and spanning just 26 issues, Nest magazine was a magazine like no other. Moving away from the glossy, celebrity-thick pretence of interiors magazines at the time, instead, Nest was an everyday 'art piece', featuring – in author Todd Oldham's words – 'the most joyous celebrations of singular design aesthetic ever seen.'

The Best Of Nest: Celebrating The Extraordinary Interiors From Nest Magazine is a 'comprehensive collection of Nest', featuring 300 images and written by former fashion designer, photographer and regular Nest contributor, Todd Oldham.

This is a signed edition.

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