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The Monocle Companion: Fifty Ideas for Building Better Cities

140 x 210 mm, 212 pages (softcover) 
London, UK
Editor: Josh Fehnert 
Creative director: Richard Spencer Powell
Art director: Sam Brogan
Designer: Jessica North-Lewis 
Illustrated by: Hubert poirot

The fourth in Monocle’s annual Companion series of softback books tackles a theme central to their mission—how do we improve our cities?

Fifty suggestions encourage us to rethink, refine and reimagine our urban spaces, with references including Barcelona, Hamburg and Los Angeles, as well as, inevitably from Monocle, Tokyo. Ideas range from the small—the perfect news kiosk, being nice to people—to the broader: perfecting a metro system, improve things for pedestrians, and community-focused building developments. An inspirational read, ideal for your holiday flight, with colourful illustrations throughout.

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