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  • Matthew Whitehouse, The Face
    At work with:

    Matthew Whitehouse, The Face

    24 May 2022
    When The Face relaunched in 2019 it was a surpise to many—why bring back such an iconic title 15 years after its demise? Yet three years later it’s established a new role for itself online and in print. Editor Mathew Whitehouse discusses that role as the summer 2022 issue arrives in shops.
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  • Dan Sandison, Mundial
    At work with:

    Dan Sandison, Mundial

    16 May 2022
    Football mag Mundial is back! The popular print edition was cancelled early in the pandemic, but its return has just been confirmed. We hear the inside story from editor/founder Dan Sandison as he talks us through his influences and working week.
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  • MagMagMag in New York
    magCulture events:

    MagMagMag in New York

    13 May 2022
    In the run-up to magCulture Live New York on May 22, we renew our partnership with our friends at Vitsoe. The MagMagMag pop-up will present highlights from our London shop to browse and buy, and we have a series of free lunchtime talks by leading NY magazine makers. For four days only!
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