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Affix Magazine #2
Out now

Affix Magazine #2

Melbourne-based Affix is about architecture and urban planning, and brand new issue two is themed ‘creativity and the city.’ There are lots of magazines and online websites with a similar focus – Urban Pamphleteer, Lobby and Spaces initially spring to mind – yet despite the range of others to choose from, Affix is worth taking a look at because of its intriguing selection of personal perspectives.


IMG_3089Since the release of their pilot issue in February, Affix decided to redesign, opting for pale tones, plenty of white space and the occasional flourish of a speckled background (above). Articles range from bitty pieces to longer opinion essays: I enjoyed an article exploring how cafés have become a newly vital ‘third space’ between office and home (above), and a short investigation into what makes particular locations in a city so Instagramable (below). Interviews with local graphic designers and photographers in the ‘People’ section are also a nice touch, and provide you with a sense of the individuals who live and create in a city.


IMG_3092Affix also make a lot of use out of illustration and art. As the theme is ‘creativity’, they’ve opted for artistic renderings of a place instead of documentary imagery. There’s a set of Adrian Tomine-esque illustrations that are quite charming (above), and a dense, spidery map of NYC from a designer who knows the area like the back of his hand (below).


IMG_3095An interview with photographer Ward Roberts, who speaks candidly about his dreamy images of buildings at night (above), provides yet another thoughtful take on an artist’s life in a densely crowded city.

At the back there’s a blank section of pages where you’re supposed to sketch your own dream city – the idea is that readers can then upload their design to social media. This is a thoughtful touch: Affix uses the magazine format not only to share new ideas but to encourage them too.

Editor: Abbie Freestone
Art director: Akiko Chan

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