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Alastair McKimm, i-D
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Alastair McKimm, i-D

Alastair McKimm has worked with i-D in various guises since he was 20, and is now the magazine’s Editor-in-chief, overseeing the magazine’s recent 40th anniversary celebrations.

Alongside his editorial work, he has also applied his vision to some of the most exciting fashion brands, bringing with him the best young photo and styling talent.

Following an early ambition to be a photographer, he studied fashion design at Nottingham Art School, and says, ‘Once I learned a fashion editor works between photography and design that became my focus. I love to work with photographers and designers, it’s my passion.’

Alastair shares his working week and inspirations as i-D’s 368th issue is published.


What are you up to this morning?
When I’m at home in New York, which is the majority of my time these days, my Monday morning routine, much like every other weekday is to get up at six, take my son to school at 7.30 and be in my office by 8am. There’s always lots to catch up on as its already lunchtime in London where the majority of the i-D team is based.



Describe your desk and your work space
I work from my own office which is the floor below my apartment on Bond Street in NOHO, New York. It’s a simple room, one desk, one chair, surrounded by my magazine archive.


Which magazine do you first remember?
The first magazine I really remember as a reader was R.A.D. Skateboarding. It was and is such a huge inspiration. Pure street style.



Which magazine matters to you the most this morning?
I love Self Service and System, they offer something we don’t necessarily offer at i-D which is pure fashion for fashions sake.


The new Earthrise issue 368 covers, including a limited edition hand drawn-logo version by Stef Mitchell

Describe i-D in three words.

Tell us about the new Earthrise issue of the magazine.
For the first time in our history there are no new clothes in the fashion section of the magazine. We looked at ways the fashion industry can continue to benefit from the philosophies and DNA of i-D’s early issues—getting back to craft and creativity, the use and re-use of treasured items through D-i-Y, recycling and upcycling, throught vintage and archive clothing, through charity shopping.


The magazine is as vital as ever, even as it passes 40 years. What's the secret?
I think i-D’s success lies in issue one, the DNA, the purpose. That first issue—above—is a manifesto.

I believe we’ve stayed relevant because the DNA is our design for living. There’s an authenticity to it. I’ve been lucky enough to be a member of the i-D family since I was 20. Over half my life I’ve been involved in the brand so the decisions come as second nature. It’s learned behaviour.


You're based in New York— is that the capital of fashion today?
I truly believe there is no longer a fashion capital. Our phones are the fashion capital. Translating the printed magazine across the digital platforms is the most important practice we have today.


There seems to be a super-thin line between fashion editors, stylists, models and designers today. Have you ever been tempted to cross into designing a collection?
I studied design, that’s where I started and thats where I discovered fashion editing. When I was a teenager I really wanted to be a photographer, then I discovered fashion design and studied to be a designer.

Once I learned a fashion editor works between photography and design that became my focus. I love to work with photographers and designers, it's my passion.


What general mood can you report from the current round of fashion shows?
What I was most drawn to at the shows was the sense of something apocalyptic.

Please share one piece of advice for somebody wanting to launch their own publication
You must be able to answer the why. Why now? Why you? And chose your team very carefully!
What are you most looking forward to this coming week?
We’re having a dinner tomorrow night with Parley for the Oceans at Dover Street Market in New York to launch our summer ‘Earthrise’ issue. Its a really special issue which I’m excited to share.

Wednesday there’s a Free Arts New York gala where Marc Jacobs is honouring Futura 2000. Other than that I’m preparing for a trip to London to shoot the September cover. Exciting times!


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