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Becky Smith, editor-in-chief, Twin
At work with

Becky Smith, editor-in-chief, Twin

This Monday we’re at work with Becky Smith, editor-in-chief, creative director and founder of Twin magazine. Becky began the hard-back, biannual fashion and photography title in 2009 after launching Lula in 2004. We catch up her shortly after the release of Twin issue 15.


How was your weekend?
Very nice thanks, quite chill after a hectic long week - some drinking - some thinking... I managed to catch the Rachel Maclean exhibition at the Tate - she’s in the new issue of Twin - I love her work!

Tell us about your journey to work.
At the moment I’m working from home (heaven) - so I make a coffee and step into my living room- easy. I just have the BBC news on in the background so I know whats going on in the world... it’s all Trump Trump Trump still at the moment. I also try to catch any of Radio 4’s women’s hour podcasts (does that make me sound old) in the morning - I just managed to listen to a few this week - one on Carrie Fisher and mental health and the another good one on Barbra Taylor Bradford!

Describe the state of your desk.
When it’s good it’s clean - when ‘s bad it’s a total fucking mess... Here’s a before and after.


I’m not doing some fake wanky picture... It’s messy most the time unfortunately.


I do try to clean it up at the end of every day.

The Face_Spice Girls

Which magazine do you first remember?
The Face was the one that resonated with me so hard... I was obsessed. I’ve still got them all now. They always did such cool things like giving away badges or posters- or simply had The Spice Girls on the cover! What more could anyone want? These two from early 2000’s are cool. Kate Moss and Liberty Ross - just looking hot together!


Which magazine matters to you the most today?
I’m really more about books - more photography books - I’ve filled all my shelves already. Most are the old classics, Diane Arbus, Peter Lindberg, Bruce Davidson, Annie Liebovitz, Eve Arnold, Sally Mann, Bruce, Weber, Mary Ellen Mark, Peter Beard, Nan Goldin.


There is a magazine I do like, Mushpit... And I just discovered Desert magazine whilst in California which was kinda a cool specialist number from the 40s and 50s.

Who are your favourite twins today?
Mary and Kate or Danny and Arnold?

You’ve now founded two publications (Lula and Twin) and have spent a number of years with both of them. What have you learned about launching and then sustaining magazines from your experiences?
They all require constant love, care and dedication - like having a baby - or a dog!

9._ISSUE 15_colour_spreads_4

Pick a spread from the new issue and tell us what it says about your magazine.
Here’s a spread - again I’m just vibing on California at the moment. This is shot by Emma Tempest. It’s Jane Moseley @oodlesofpain who’s just a cool person all round!

How has the design of Twin relate to concepts you explore?
As always since 2009 when I started Twin we have explored women and sexuality. This will always be at the core - but always in an understated elegant way. The last two issues have had mini re-designs - just simply because it was about time. I have a few lovely girls working with me under the name Twin studio and we have just cleaned-up and modernized some of the fonts. I contacted artist Rose Pilkington about adding a little something more to the covers this time. As I feel like over the last 15 issues we have had a fair few colours so I really liked what Rose did as something different.

What are you finding most frustrating about your work this week?
My lack of time to exercise and keeping my god-like body in shape (ahem!)

What’s going to be the highlight of this week for you?
Getting my Cass Bird and David Simms print back from the framers - ready to join the others on the wall!

What will you be doing after this chat?
I need to pack - I’m off to LA again in a few days for a shoot... bring on the glamour!! Bring on the sun!

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