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Galavant #3

Galavant #3

For mag-lovers, there’s nothing worst then when you buy a crisp new magazine, put it in your backpack, get home, and then your lunch box or laptop has been resting on it so now it’s got a great big dent through the centre. If this happens to you a lot then you should probably get issue three of Singapore-based Galavant – it’s a magazine that’s already got dents in the cover, so it won’t be too noticeable if you make some more. While the spine is open-bound, the opening side is enclosed with paper so you need to rip it off to get in – and for someone who tries to keep magazines as pristine and tear-proof as possible, this was quite difficult for me. Issue three is themed ‘Cracks’, and as well as encouraging you to make them, articles, poems and photos explore the visible and invisible cracks in everything from walls to relationships.


IMG_1945Words in a prose-poem are cracked through redaction (below), and frank email discussions carefully unpick what it means to finally ‘crack’ (also below).


IMG_1950Jack Davison’s ‘Down the Barrel’ looks at cracks on skin as well as those in the photographic process (below).

IMG_1948Like fellow Singapore magazine Dear (reviewed here), Galavant is zine-like in its content, a collection of submissions from artists and writers brought together abstractly and without much explanation. Also like Dear, the magazine pays special attention to its physical design and its cover – extending and translating its theme ambitiously to an tangible form.

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