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It’s Freezing in LA! #6
A mag in five pix

It’s Freezing in LA! #6

The joint themes of our magCulture Live conference next week are Analogue and Activism, two characteristics we’re seeing more and more of here at magCulture.

Our speakers will have plenty to discuss on both themes, but other magazines continue to explore both. A great example is climate change magazine It’s Freezing in LA!, whose new issue has just arrived. Here we look at how they combine the analogue with their activism.

ONE The sixth edition of IFLA! concerns greenwashing, and a key story addresses the environmental tensions in the occupied territories of Palestine. This double-page illustration by Claire Harrup starkly sets the tone for that story and the magazine’s general thesis: the coming together of human activity and nature. All illustration in IFLA! is created by hand rather than computer, and this example shows how much more powerful than a photograph this approach can be.

TWO The analogue approach to illustration is emphasised again in a story about trusting the promises made by oil companies; Sammi Lynch’s series of contributions include this example, a hand drawn representation of familiar mapping technology. Diagrams and graphics seem instantly trustworthy as they speak of science; this reminds us they are often be as imprecise and decorative as a drawing.

THREE I really enjoyed (if that’s the right word) TV drama ‘I Will Destroy You,’ and with its primary theme of sexual abuse and its effects it’s easy to forget it addressed other issues. IFLA! picks up on the the way Michaela Coel’s lead character got co-opted into a PR greenwashing role during the early part of the story. It’s a neat way in to a broader discussion of black representation within climate activism.

FOUR The issue’s blue and pink graphic theme comes from maps measuring damage done to coral around the world. As usual, details are used on the covers and opening pages of each feature. The centre spread pulls out to show the whole maps; accompanying diagrams give more information and demonstrate that not all information presented this way is merely decorative. These are clear, concise and informative.

FIVE On the back cover we can read again the quote from Donald Trump that gave the magazine its name; a timely reminder that despite losing the election his voice will persist – the quote comes from before he even began campaigning to be be US President first time round.

Editor: Martha Dillon
Deputy editor: Jackson Howarth
Art editor: Nina Carter
Design direction: Matthew Sequel

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