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Jade Removille, NR
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Jade Removille, NR

Currently based in Milan, Jade is creative director, publisher and editor-in-chief of NR magazine, the independent biannual that she established in 2016 in London.

NR embraces art, culture, design, cinema and music, and over 18 issues has built a significant archive of conversations between emerging and established creatives. Jade explains more as she introduces her working week.


What are you doing this Monday morning?
I am currently in Milan, getting ready for the day, as I have a few exciting meetings lined up today regarding some potential collaborations with NR. I usually prepare a coffee before I get to my computer and delve into a series of emails. I work from home which is a big plus as this is where I have my collection of books, a lot of photography and design books, all of my research material. I am thankful it can be this way.

I am also a DJ so I spend time immersing myself in new music, researching and curating tracks for upcoming events. 

I love Mondays like any other day of the week to be honest. I tend to work on the weekends too, I believe when you’re passionate about something, your brain stays alert and is easily intrigued!


Describe your work environment—what can you see from your desk?
A generous view of the sky, which is pleasant!



Which magazine do you first remember?
The first magazine that comes to mind is Dazed and Confused. I remember being drawn to the name so it made me curious about its content. Reflecting on an even earlier period in my life, I also have vivid memories of exploring National Geographic and ScienceNews that belonged to my brothers. I remember those were absolutely incredible for me at the time, it felt like I was understanding the profound mysteries of our planet.


Which magazine matters to you the most this morning?
Besides NR, if I were to pick the most significant magazine for me this morning, it would actually be a book, a recently acquired one titled ‘Araki: Impossible Love’. I find it captivating. I've had a longstanding fascination with Nobuyoshi Araki’s works, particularly his earlier and more autobiographical works. Given my involvement in the creative direction of some of our cover shoots, I appreciate immersing myself in both new and old material to inspire and refine my perspective.


Describe NR in three words…
Unveiling global creativity.


…and what does the name NR mean/refer to?
New Rules, New Rhythm, New Radical, New Reality.


The magazine arrives with little explanation (no tag line, no editor's letter). Can you tell us more about what NR
s primary interests are and what you hope people will get from the magazine?
Founded in London in 2016, NR is an independent bi-annual print publication dedicated to showcasing diverse content in the realms of art, culture, design, fashion, music and beyond. Based in Milan since 2021, NR aims at providing in print and online, an archive of features and conversations between emerging and established creatives with a focus on empowering voices. Through the exploration of themes that transcend boundaries, challenge norms, and inspire change, NR aims to elevate the cultural conversation and celebrate the beauty of creativity in all its forms.

This is our 18th issue (released last October ) so we have had ample possibilities to experiment with the format of the magazine. We have gone through several design rethinks whether it be the logo, the layout, the material, the inclusion/exclusion of an editor’s letter. Over the past two issues, I have been working with Countersubject, a Milan-based strategy and design consultancy, responsible for the latest visual rebranding of NR, developing the ins and outs of NR and thoroughly questioning what we aim to convey and how.


Ultimately, NR is not only a printed matter and stands as a brand dedicated to the global youth and manifested through various media whether it be exhibitions, events, music and design. Earlier this year, we introduced the NR Sound Mixes and Premieres series on Soundcloud and we're grateful for the positive reception it has received. This series showcases a diverse array of emerging and established producers and DJs within the electronic scene. We also curated our first ever exhibition in July, hosted at spazioSERRA (above), a non-profit cultural promotion association, showcasing four short films directed by contemporary conceptual artist Santiago Sierra.

Currently, we're collaborating with Querida, a creative direction office based in Barcelona, to give our website a design refresh and we will be soon releasing our first object in collaboration with NM3, a Milan-based interior and furniture design firm.

The upcoming collaborations for the year will exemplify this multifaceted approach. Personally, with a background in Law and Spatial Design, I have always envisioned NR as an extension of my varied interests. The goal was never to confine it to print, and I'm really happy to be working towards its expansion across different platforms and exploring diverse avenues, ultimately growing our community.


re relatively new to NR, yet its been published since 2016 and has reached issue 18. What has that journey been like?
NR was the idea of myself and a friend. With both of us hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds (he, British with Iranian heritage, and myself, French with Haitian roots), we felt an urgent need to create something unique within the magazine landscape.We had no idea what we were getting into which I think somehow helped us push through.

Graduating from Westminster Law School in London, we were driven by a creative hunger and a desire to establish a platform that empowered voices, artists, and talents not prominently featured in other publications. There was truly a sense of exhilaration.



In 2021, I moved to Milan, marking a new chapter for NR as we had also parted ways. The transition brought a renewed sense of excitement in a way as this was yet another environment to explore.

Over the years, the vision of the magazine has remained essentially the same but with a more fine-tuned direction. We have evolved into a bi-annual publication as opposed to a bi-monthly release schedule in the first few years. This allowed for more extensive research and curation around each theme. Our focus is also less fashion dominated like it used to be and encompass various fields such as art, architecture, design, culture, music and film.



The 18th issue, titled ‘Personal Investigation,’ introduces seven distinct covers, each providing a glimpse into the global youth perspective I was referring to earlier. Contemporary artist and activist Ai Weiwei, electronic duo Amnesia Scanner and their long term collaborator Freeka Tet, artist Claire Barrow, rapper Denzel Curry, multi-instrumentalist Eartheater, experimentalist hip hop duo Paris Texas, and visual artist, filmmaker Shirin Neshat contribute unique narratives and the reader gets to explore various disciplines and voices. This AW23 issue also features profiles, exclusive editorials and extensive interviews with a diverse array of creatives such as Kate Ahn, Yuri Ancarani, Lauren Auder, Vanessa Beecroft, Rita Lino, Galcher Lustwerk, Joshua Gordon, Rae Klein, MoMA READY, PPAA, Gian Maria Tosatti to name a few.



What one piece of advice do you have for someone producing their own magazine?
Awareness. Firstly, while printed matter holds its own beauty, it is essential to be aware that the industry comes with its challenges especially when it comes to securing financial support from brands or partners. Funding does pose a significant hurdle. Secondly, being aware of what’s out there, what are the existing publications and collectives in that realm and understanding where you want to position yourself in relation to those.


What are you most looking forward to this coming week?
The launch of our collaboration with Mubi! I am also working on a special Various Artists release in support of Palestine and the people in Gaza, in collaboration with Formula, a Milan-based collective merging music and spatial experiences.
It is also the beginning of the year and the energy is high. I feel very excited about it and the prospects for the next couple of months.


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