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Lena Modigh, photographer and editor

Lena Modigh, photographer and editor

You might have spotted the photography of Lena Modigh in the likes of Wonderland or Vice; her particular way of seeing can be defined by its hazy lighting and girlish models gazing wistfully into a distance. In her spare time, London-based Lena also edits and publishes Period., a photography zine that focuses on female narratives by female-only contributors.


To celebrate the release of issue three of Period., we asked Lena to select three magazines from her shelves that inspire her: an old issue, a new issue and one other thing.


An old issue: Doing Bird #3
This issue is my absolute favourite. I’ve looked at it so many times, it’s falling apart! The paper, the photography, the layout, all so fantastic, I’ve picked a few pages from it to give an example.

unnamed-3 unnamed-9

I love the mix of such different stories, which are all centred around art, music and fashion.


A new issue: Space Magazine #4
I picked Space Magazine, which is a recent discovery that I love. The format, the mix of stories , the photography, and the fact that it's not too thick and heavy or filled with advertising. What a beautiful and inspiring magazine about the spaces we work and live in.


And another thing: Numéro
This photograph from a story in Numéro magazine by Karen Collins and Camille Bidault Waddington is a stand out for me. The story is called Arizona, and every photo features a different pose, with various bathing costumes/bikinis, all taken in front of one car. It’s got real attitude. A clever and beautiful thing. So simple, yet very hard to achieve, I think. I could never take a picture like this myself and that’s why I like it so much.

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