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Lodestars Anthology #4
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Lodestars Anthology #4

We’ve not featured Lodestars Anthology here before, it’s always felt a little soft-edged to me — nice, not great. But this fourth issue has changed my opinion. It’s the subject of this issue, Italy, that has shifted things.

Simply, the country looks great reproduced on matt paper with monochrome text and a healthy serving of white space. The magazine’s use of familiar indie mag design/finish tropes has earned it a secure place in many an indie mag shop, but this issue suits its subject perfectly, whether featuring town squares as full bleed spreads (above) or highlighting the country’s cuisine via illustration (below).

There are also some lovely vernacular details (above) that more than justify the space given to them, and at the back, a series of brief pieces about smaller cities, events, architecture etc are nicely illustrated (below).

Sometimes a magazine doesn’t have to be edgy or experimental — it just has to do the simple things well. And this issue of Lodestars does just that.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 09.09.52
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