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Magazine of the week: Colors #87
Magazine of the week

Magazine of the week: Colors #87

I’ve noted here before how exciting it is to see Colors reborn under editor-in-chief Patrick Waterhouse, and his talk at the Modern Magazine conference only underlined the thought that goes into the magazine these days. The latest issue, titled ‘Looking at Art’, is another excellent piece of magazine making.

Whereas once the theme might simply have been ‘Art’ the addition of the active ‘Looking’ (just as the previous issue was titled ‘Making the News’ rather than just ‘News’) subtly changes the angle. The issue makes the most of print to express this theme, with a sheet of stickers featuring famous artworks for the reader to create their 0wn gallery space on the blank (except for a gallery attendant) front cover.

Inside there are a series of gatefolds, such as this pantone-like colour guide to single-colour abstract paintings (above).

The ‘Looking’ part of the theme title means as well as art itself, the issue examines how we experience art today. As well as gallery art we find out about police ID portraiture, how people recognise other people (above) and an overview of how African leaders have been commemorated as statues (below).

Another gatefold portrays the contemporary experience of visiting the Mona Lisa at the Louvre; the first image shows people busy photographing the painting, while behind we see their next step – having their photo taken/taking selfies with the painting (below).

And if you ever wondered where Damien Hirst sourced his sharks – you’ll find out here (below).

The issue is another great example of using editorial design and creativity to tell stories in a visually entertaining and sometimes surprising manner. It also demonstrates how themed magazines can work really well when the theme is used a loose hook rather than a straitjacket.

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