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magculture meets Benji Knewman

magculture meets Benji Knewman

For the fifth edition of magCulture Meets we are excited to welcome Agnese Kleina, editor-in-chief of Latvian magazine Benji Knewman.

Launched back in 2014, Benji Knewman continues to leave its readers guessing the true identity of its namesake: is Benji a living, breathing ‘editor-at-large’ or a purely fictional character created to draw us in?

Agnese will introduce the brand new issue of the title posed as a ‘life you can read’, explain Benji's enigmatic backstory, and let us know what’s next for the man on the road, curating a biannual book-a-zine as he goes.

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Be the first to get your hands on the new issue, enjoy a few beers with fellow mag-lovers and collect the latest in our series of limited edition magCulture Meets postcards.

Thursday 28 April from 18.30 to 21.00
magCulture Shop
270 St John Street

Doors opens at 6.30pm and the talk will kick off at 7pm.

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magCulture Meets… is a new monthly talk series. Each evening will provide the opportunity to share a beer with fellow magCulturalists and hear a magazine-maker discuss their project in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

We’re grateful to Park Communications for their support of magCulture Meets…

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