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magCulture Meets Noon

magCulture Meets Noon

Our series of Instagram Live interviews continues on Tuesday 30 June with Noon founder Jasmine Raznahan.

This event has already taken place — you can watch a video of the conversation below.

Launched in 2014, each issue of the large-format, biannual photography magazine offers a creative platform to photographers, writers and artists to respond to a different theme. The latest theme is New Communities, and contains 14 photo stories from across the world that are typically wide-ranging: Mark Borthwick contributes an abstract series of images and text, Mel Bles and Clare Byrne use a fashion story to tell the story of LA City Municipal Dance Squad, and Stephen Shore is interviewed about his ‘Transparencies’ series.

Jasmine will be in conversation with Jeremy Leslie, discussing the twelfth issue of here magazine and the relationship between it and her commercial work.

Watch the video, recorded via Instagram Live on 30 June 2020, here.

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