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The magCulture Boxset

The magCulture Boxset

The magCulture Boxset is the magCulture Shop’s quarterly subscription service. Subscribers receive a box of five magazines, delivered to your home/business anywhere in the world, to share with customers and staff. Each quarterly box will contain a combination of new issues carefully chosen to reflect the exciting independent magazine scene, plus the occasional extra surprise.

Who is the magCulture Boxset for?
Boxset subscribers include businesses and individuals. They range from creative studios looking for inspiration, via cafés after an extra for their customers, to people keen to be surprised by a regular splash of creativity. We’re often asked to help people source collections of magazines on a one-to-one basis – the magCulture Boxset is a streamlined extension of this service.

The next Boxset will ship at the beginning of January 2021

Buffalo Zine #12
Konfekt #1
The Modernist #37
Rouleur #100
Unkown Qunatities #8

*Please note we ship Boxsets at the start of each quarter. New subscriptions ordered up to the 15th of that month will receive the Boxset; later new subscribers will start from the next quarter (January, April, July, October).

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Our previous Boxsets:

October 2020:
Club Sandwich
#4, Chocolate

Design Anthology UK #6
Extra Teeth #2
Icarus Complex #2
Isolarii #1
Plus two great extras: launch issues of free magazines: Anxiety Empire (about mental health) and Post (a series of Covid-time interviews).

July 2020:
Barter, Baby

Eye #100
Here #12
Pin-Up #28
Pit #7

The 13th Boxset shipped at the beginning of April 2020:
Magazine B
– Mini (some newer subscribers received Aperture #238 instead of B)
Beauty Papers #8(various covers)
CR Fashion Book
#16 (various covers)
Good Trouble

The 12th Boxset shipped at the beginning of January 2020:
Aperture #237, Wolfgang Tillmans guest editor
The Happy Reader #14
The Face #2 (various covers)
Record Culture #7
Tortoise Quarterly #2, Motherland (various covers)

The 11th Boxset contained these five mags in October 2019:
American Chordata #10

Fantastic man #30
FUKT #18
Safar Journal #4

South London Review of Hand Dryers #2

The tenth Boxset contained these five mags in July 2019:
a Dance Mag #2
Circular #20
It’s Freezing in LA #3
Littel White Lies #80
Migrant Journal #6

The ninth Boxset contained a bumper six magazines, and shipped the first week of April 2019:
Gaffer #1
History Today
Pressing Matters
Real Review #8
Riposte #11
The Skirt Chronicles #4

The eighth Boxset shipped the first week of January 2019:
Interview #523
The Plant #13
Printed Pages Winter 2018/9
Suitcase #25
Suspira #2

The seventh Boxset shipped the first week of October 2018:
Eye on Design #2 ‘Psych’
The Happy Reader #11 ‘The Black Tulip’
Jacobin #30
Kinfolk #29 ‘Print’
No Man’s Land #2

The sixth Boxset shipped the first week of July 2018:

Eye #96, magazine design special
Failed States #2
Mayday #2
Mundial #
Shelf Heroes #G
Extra: a copy of the New York Times Magazine Love special.

The fifth Boxset shipped the first week of April 2018:
Courier #21
Flaneur #7, Sao Paulo
Mynah #2
OOF #1
The Shelf Journal #5

The fourth Boxset shipped the first week of January 2018:
Apartamento #20
Drift #6, Mexico City
Mushpit #10
Vanguards #2
Yes & No #3

The third Boxset shipped the first week of October 2017:
Fantastic Man #26
Lodestars Anthology #8, New Zealand
Lunch Lady #8
Nang #3
Somesuch Stories #3

The second Boxset shipped the first week of July 2017:
Anxy #1
Arcades #2
The Gourmand #9
Rake’s Progress #4
Sofa #2


The first magCulture Boxset shipped the first week of April 2017,:
The Gentlewomen #15
Delayed Gratification #25
MacGuffin #4
Migrant Journal #1

Racquet #2

How can you use magazines in your business?

Whether you’re running a coffee shop, a hair salon or a design studio, your customers, clients and/or colleagues will appreciate the care you’ve taken in providing a selection of good-looking, informative and inspiring magazines. Demonstrate your creative creds with the printed company you keep.

How much does it cost?
The magCulture Boxset is initially available in the UK, Europe and the United States. UK orders will have free shipping; elsewhere the shipping costs will be subsidised. All will arrive via a tracked delivery service. We’ll be adding more countries soon.

UK £60, free shipping
Europe £70 inc shipping
US £80 inc shipping
(costs per quarter)

Great! How do I do it?
Sign up for a subscription and you’ll receive a magCulture Boxset every three months. The first Boxset will be dispatched at the start of April, then July, October and January. The quarterly fee will be taken from your nominated bank account at the time of delivery. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Subscribe here

Please note we reserve the right to offer replacement magazines if stocks run low.

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