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magRush: It’s All in the Delivery
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magRush: It’s All in the Delivery

I was handed the launch issue of this 130pp tome at the last Printout! night. It’s All in the Delivery is a lovely piece of print – bound in unfinished rough card, featuring several different types of paper though its pages and a fifth colour orange ink throughout. The editors approached friends with the title and asked them to respond – future issues will have different themes as their titles.

Content in this debut issue includes the story behind wartime distribution of Penguin paperbacks across the globe; a piece about trucking movies; a photographic record of the daily delivery of pineapples to a Mayfair nightclub; a look at how western designers act as ‘design tourists’, tracking down small creative studios and commissioning them. Good content, well presented. Can't wait for the next issue.

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