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magRush2013: Okido #22
Out now

magRush2013: Okido #22

Despite being a longtime fan of Anorak, I’ve rather overlooked other children’s magazines. So, following the recent review of new magazine The Loop, it’s a pleasure to highlight the latest (22nd!) edition of kids’ arts and science magazine Okido.

The issue is all about colour, and includes a nice breakdown of how the CMYK litho printing process works. There’s also the opportunity to make your own plasticine using flour and food colouring (above) and a look at colour and mood (below). Plus plenty of colouring in and colourful games and puzzles.

With illustration from the likes of Maggi Li (that’s her cover design, top) , Mathilde Nivet and Rachel Ortas, Okido is another great alternative to the character-branded kids’ magazine occupying the bottom shelf at the newsagent.

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