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Marta Puigdemasa, editor, Perdiz

Marta Puigdemasa, editor, Perdiz

To celebrate the new issue of Perdiz, the Spanish magazine of happiness, editor-in-chief Marta Puigdemasa is taking us through her favourite publications today.


We asked Marta to pick three mags from her stack for us: an old issue, a new issue and another thing.


An old issue: Pie Paper #4
Pie defined itself as a research-based publication made by designers Simon Oosterdijk and Markus Hofko. Each issue was theme-based and issue 4 talked about Failure as an intrinsic part of creativity and life and looked for the beauty, humour and wisdom gained from it.

The interior pages are a mix of black and white and colour and the magazine is beautifully produced, with papers of different sizes and textures. It has the size of a notebook and the looks of a scientist’s journal with photos and notes added to it. Unfortunately, they stopped making it.


A new issue: Holo#2
Holo is a magazine about art, science and technology. I still haven’t finished reading it, as it has the size of a huge encyclopaedia, but it has an amazing and crazy feature on randomness, numerical noise and its importance to modern society’s processes.

It even came with a paper random numbers generator, DIY style: the Cryptoclock by Coralie Gourguechon and Jacopo Atzori. I love it when mags come with things for me to play with.


And another thing: The Endangered Semicolon, Apology, Winter 2013
Being a Grammar freak myself, I loved this discussion around The Endangered Semicolon from the first edition of Apology magazine. It was a panel discussion between several writers, usage experts and copy editors. I learned quite a few facts such as the earliest semicolon in print, or its use as a crime scene clue in the 1976 Son of Sam murders in New York City.

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