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Mirko Borsche

Mirko Borsche

The Modern Magazine 2017 is a month away. Today we meet speaker Mirko Borsche, who’ll be joining us from Munich. His multi-disciplinary design studio works with many publications including ZEITmagazin.

What’s your favourite cover of a magazine you’ve designed?
There are so many covers I did in the past, for me it’s hard to decide or make a ranking list. For me a cover needs to be unique, intelligent and it has to work in a few seconds.

What has been your magazine highlight of 2017?
Even after nine years doing it, ZEITmagazin is always a highlight for what I am doing. It’s such a pleasure but such a task on the other hand, working on a weekly supplement.

What was the one mistake that taught you the most about making magazines?
I once tried a to do a magazine layout with different typefaces every issue, that wasn’t a good idea and it was a weekly supplement two. Means you have to find at least 52 good and readable typefaces a year, which are totally different from another.

Which other speaker are you most looking forward to hearing at ModMag?
Takahiro Kinoshita, I always liked Popeye.

What will you be talking about at ModMag?
Photography, editorial design and typography

The Modern Magazine 2017
Thursday 2 November (9am to 5.30pm)
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL (map)

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