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My Favo(u)rite Magazine – the contributors
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My Favo(u)rite Magazine – the contributors

I’m on holiday the next two weeks but in the meantime don’t forget to visit our online shop to order your copy of My Favo(u)ite Magazine, our publication in aid of Bob Newman. Below is a complete list of contributors to the project – each chose their favo(u)rite single issue of a magazine, and there’s only one place to find out what their choices were.

Thank you to all of you for taking part.

Contributor Carlo Apostoli has reviewed the magazine; UK designer Ben Serbutt has added his favo(u)rite in response to receiving his copy; the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (where Bob gave a talk earlier this year) have an update on his recovery.

UPDATE: The Limited Edition package is now sold out.

Several people have also asked for further details of the Modern Magazine conference (October 16, London) so they can book travel. We’re still finalising details but expect a day that starts at 930 and continues until 6pm with drinks after that. Full details here Monday 2 September.

Adrianno Cattini
André Mora
Andrew Diprose
Andrew Losowsky
Andrew Pothecary
Andy Cowles
Arem Duplessis
Arthur Ervas
Arthur Hochstein
Bob Newman
Brian Taylor
Carlo Apostoli
Carrie Gee
Cathy Olmedillas
Caz Roberts
Celine Debray
Chris Maillard
Chris Rogers
Christine Seisun
Christophe Gowans
Clay Shields
Colin McPartin
Conor Purcell
Courtney DeWitt
Daniel Benneworth-Gray
David Jacobs
Diego Areso
Dirk Barnett
Ed Johnson
Elana Sclenker
Ewan Buck
Florian Bachleda
Helen Grace Ventura Thompson
Iker Gill
Jaap Biemmans
Jameson Kergozou
Jan Foerster Zimmeck
Jeremy Leslie
Jesper Goranson
Joe Zeff
John L Walters
John Montorio
Josh Klenert
Krissi Xenakis
Kuchar Swara
Lara Spiller
Lucas Lopez
Luis Mendo
Luke Hayman
Luke Tonge
Marc Thomas
Mario Garcia
Marissa Bourke
Mark Neil
Martin Colyer
Martin Gee
Matt Willey
Matthew Bates
Michael Bojkowski
Mike Ley
Neil Braidwood
Patrick Waterhouse
Paula Mastrangelo
Peter Houston
Rawan Hadid
Rebecca Dyson
Richard Turley
Rick Staehling
Rob Lowe/Supermundane
Rudy Vanderlans
Sara Eileen Hames
Sarah Forbes Keough
Simon Esterson
Steven Gregor
Steven Watson
Sue Apfelbaum
Suzanne Sykes
Sven Job
Tim Leong
Tim Moore
Titania Woo
Todd Sattersten
Tom Brown
Tony Brook
Tonya West
Tumas Jaaskelainen
Vicky Kear
Violet Rose
Violetta Boxill
Will Beaumont
Yunag Ming Hui

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