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Neal Whittington, Present & Correct

Neal Whittington, Present & Correct

For this week’s instalment of Issues, we spoke with Neal Whittington, owner of beloved stationery shop and magCulture neighbour Present & Correct. We asked Neal to select three magazines from his collection: a new issue, an old issue, and a favourite detail.


Here’s what the all-things-paper fanatic chose.

dot1 dot3

A new issue: Dot
Dot, from the creators of Anorak, makes me happy every time I see it, and I always get a few copies for small family members. If you're a fan of illustration then the graphic & charming contents will draw you in, it's the sort of publication where you want to frame every page. And then go out and play.


sm3 sm2

An old issue: Wim Crouwel
In the 1960s Wim Crouwel designed all material for the Stedelijk Museum and this is a souvenir picked up in Amsterdam. On finding it I thought it was a design journal, though it's a catalog to accompany an exhibition. So whilst not a magazine, strictly speaking, it does bear many similarities and also that cover is quite splendid.

apartamento4 apartamento2 apartamento1

And another thing: Apartamento detail
Every issue of Apartamento has a shoot by one of its creators, Omar Sosa, where he takes everyday items and turns them into beautiful sculptural pieces. I love them all but the drinking glasses, tape and also brick series are favourites. But then the bread one was lovely too... Oh! And the kitchen utensils that look like animals...

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