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Overmatter: 16.12.14

Overmatter: 16.12.14

There’s an impressive list of judges for this years D&AD Magazine/Newspaper category. Deadline for entries 18 February.

Sad to see The Newspaper Club’s PaperLater service close; you have a few days to get a last order in.

Read David Hicks’ five predictions for digital magazines in 2015, ‘Some digital magazine apps will close…

Dan Rowden notes the trend for paying supporters rather traditional advertisers in indie mags, an idea that first (I think?) featured in Peter Bilak’s Dotdotdot.

Are you a Londoner cycling to your magazine job? Steven at Gym Class invites you to help with this survey.

As Condé Nast settle into their new NY HQ, rats are fighting back. apparently Vogue ed Anna Wintour ‘doesn't even want to enter the building’.

What the hell was Biopsy?’ asks editor Chris Morgan as he closes his small magazine.

I’m enjoying Stack’s cover of the month series. The first of many, many cover lists at this time of year.

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