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Overmatter 28.01.13

Overmatter 28.01.13

Mr Magazine examines the idea that magazines will follow the way of music, decides they do have one thing in common – the letter ‘M’.

Seems design agency Pentagram and music trade mag Billboard agree, as the former redesigns the latter.

And here is Mr M again, sharing the failure of magazines that gave up on print.

Meanwhile, Poynter reports that ‘print’s financial future may last longer than expected.

‘Content’ might be the latest marketing wheeze but there is good content and bad content, argues Paul Keers.

A history of the early days of Print magazine.

Condé Nast UK are to launch a young version of Vogue, ignoring the US name Teen Vogue in favour of the more demure Miss Vogue.

Forget the tax return – the D&AD 2013 Awards deadline looms: this Wednesday, January 30th. And coming soon, the Design Week Awards.

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