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After several delays, tomorrow sees the launch of Rupert ‘the iPad is a game-changer’ Murdoch’s The Daily newspaper app at New York’s Guggenheim museum.

Meanwhile McSweeneys have carried out ‘a battery of tests’ on e-readers and reccommend… the newspaper

…while TechCrunch offers app advice… ‘A digital magazine or newspaper should feel like a media app, not like a PDF viewer’ (thanks Khoi).

Hello OnSwipe, the latest browser-based (ie non-app) platform for delivering content to the iPad. Not live yet, but here soon.

The Book is Dead?’ is a thread on the UK’s Crafts Council site that uses Malcolm Garrett’s 1991 essay of that title as a starting point for several contributions from the likes of design writer Adrian Shaughnessy, Pick Me Up curator Claire Catterall and Eye editor John L Waters.

Ben Hammersley provides nostalgia for the early days of the web as he considers the optimist-pessimist divide in his FT review of new books about the web.

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