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The magCulture Christmas Cracker is back! Help us support Shelter from the Storm this December.
The magCulture Christmas Cracker is back!


After several delays, tomorrow sees the launch of Rupert ‘the iPad is a game-changer’ Murdoch’s The Daily newspaper app at New York’s Guggenheim museum.

Meanwhile McSweeneys have carried out ‘a battery of tests’ on e-readers and reccommend… the newspaper

…while TechCrunch offers app advice… ‘A digital magazine or newspaper should feel like a media app, not like a PDF viewer’ (thanks Khoi).

Hello OnSwipe, the latest browser-based (ie non-app) platform for delivering content to the iPad. Not live yet, but here soon.

The Book is Dead?’ is a thread on the UK’s Crafts Council site that uses Malcolm Garrett’s 1991 essay of that title as a starting point for several contributions from the likes of design writer Adrian Shaughnessy, Pick Me Up curator Claire Catterall and Eye editor John L Waters.

Ben Hammersley provides nostalgia for the early days of the web as he considers the optimist-pessimist divide in his FT review of new books about the web.

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