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sindroms #1, Red
Out now

sindroms #1, Red

A journal of monochrome states of mind, sindroms considers the role that different colours play across culture, immersing readers in the feelings and moods evoked by a specific colour. Published biannually from Copenhagen, its first issue boldly centres itself around the colour red. The cover signals this strongly with a blind embossed logo across a vivid field of warm red.

The magazine looks at the duplicity of the colour; its connotations of both passion and danger, and symbolically of cupid and the devil. In a series of photographs, Aursa Babiedaite personifies several of these moods, along with some information about each of them. This ranges from looking at inherited or learnt violence, to the link between fury and jealousy, and the burred lines between risk-taking and extreme pleasure.

Elsewhere, the magazine looks at notable red artworks and their impact – one such work is Chiharu Shiota’s Uncertain Journey, which uses an endlessly complex labyrinth of red thread to capture the viewer in an inescapable net of mixed emotions. Meatier pieces include an interview with Jesse Somfay, a musician who has synaesthesia. He speaks of the feeling of an aura or ‘essence’ when he meets new people, instead of getting a sense of their personality, which comes from having his senses so entwined.

With a particular focus on art, fashion, and photography, sindroms is a visual feast that imaginatively considers its theme colour in the realms of these visual art forms. The finished product is a crisp magazine that leaves you thinking about the colour red and all its evocations. I wonder whether other colours will prove as rich a subject as red?

Creative Director: Miruna Sorescu
Editor-in-chief: Monique Schröder
Art director: Aušra Babiedaitė

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