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Swim #1
New magazine

Swim #1

London-based multi-disciplinary studio Filthy Pyjamas have just launched Swim, a biannual art, photography and literature magazine. Its inaugural issue (funded by Kickstarter) explores human nature, or more specifically, how we relate to one another today.

Swim strives for fluidity; it does not intend to reach any resolutions, and it has no definitive sections; you are invited to start reading anywhere. Instead of offering structure or any answers, it presents itself as a conversation: a chance to observe how others interpret human nature.

The outcome is a wonderfully varied first issue, which follows no set form in terms of content or design, yet remains wonderfully engaging. Each page has a different font, and the imagery moves between black-and-white scribbles, grotesque cartoons, and intimate photographs. At points the paper becomes thin and glossy, before morphing back into matt-finished paper. There are occasional die-cuts and perforations too.

Swim was imagined by its creators as a space to showcase their friends’ work, in order to bring together the ideas of like-minded people. Highlights include a series of illustrations by Joey Yu (above), which are inspired by the hidden intimacy that is found within busy environments, and can then mutate into feelings of being watched, and an interview with director, animator and illustrator Johannes Helgelin (below), about how he is able to make money whilst also creating the things he loves. Other parts of the magazine feature poetry, short stories and think pieces.

Although the concept of building a creative platform for your own group of friends is nothing new, Swim is set apart by its carefully considered theme, and exciting, intricate design by duo Archie Nock and Samuel White. The first issue is packed full of thought-provoking content, much of which is focused around art and identity, and we hope the next issue will be just as compelling.

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