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It’s Nice That #3
Cover story

It’s Nice That #3

Next week I’m guest posting for It’s Nice That, so to end this (quiet) week here’a quick note about their latest printed edition.

This third issue of the biannual publication continues in the same vein as the last two, featuring a mix of highlights from the blog and big-name interviews/profiles. This one stars Milton Glaser and Paul Smith among others, and the lesser-known work is as lovely as ever.

All good stuff, but what makes the thing special is its physical finish. The blog features lots of great content, so if a printed version is going to make any sense at all it needs to be really magazine-y. Using beautiful matt papers from Fenner and top-quality printing by Push, the result is a heavyweight 132 pages of tactile pleasure. There’s been plenty of coverage of the issue elsewhere already, not least on their own site, so I’ll just mention the smell of the ink, and highlight the diecuts on the front cover:


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