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Tim Holmes, Cardiff University

Tim Holmes, Cardiff University

Tim Holmes has taught on the Magazine Journalism MA at Cardiff University’s journalism school for 20 years. He has also been a journalist, editor and indie publisher.

Tim dug through his office collection to share a new issue, an old issue and one other thing…

A new issue:
Classic Rock is so not a magCulture kind of publication that I am slightly embarrassed to include it – but the February 2018 issue did that classic magazine thing of speaking to and engaging with me on a very emotional level. I love AC/DC for their deceptively simple riffs; I first heard Jerry Rafferty when he was in the Humblebums with Billy Connolly; and although there has been a lot written about Jimmy Page and the Yardbirds, Mick Wall’s piece still told me something new about the music.

An old issue:
I was introduced to KnockBack by a student and although I am not its natural target readership I love the somewhat ropey/slightly polished concept. I teach a magazine development course at the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai, India, every year and of all the magazines I take with me, KnockBack always gets the most amount of interest from the young women. It’s partly the cheeky tone, but also the DIY aesthetic that makes them suddenly realise they really could have a go at doing this. And, I love the different papers and finishes on the front covers.

And another thing:
We are moving to shiny new building later this year so there’s lots of office clearance going on. I have always loved working with type and when I came across these type scales in a desk drawer it reminded me of the good old days when we had to cast type off, get it set in galleys and watch it being stuck to pasteboard grids…

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