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Times New Murdoch

Times New Murdoch

D&AD are holding their annual New Blood exhibition this week (in fact it ends today) at London’s Spitalfields. It’s a chance for UK universities to show work by their best design graduates, and then a group of judges – I was one this year – get to assess the work. Judges were split into small teams, and one of the team I was in, Angus from Design Week, has already highlighted some of the work we thought stood out so I won’t retread that, other than to reiterate Southampton Solent University had two very good stands. Their illustration in particular stood out

This one other project caught my eye – a typeface called Times New Murdoch.

Creating a distressed version of Times New Roman, the face drawn up for The Time newspaper, to mark News International’s hacking scandal seems a very appropriate design-centric way to mark the story. A once-admired entity has been perverted.

Design by Daisy Gatehouse – more here.

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