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What About?

What About?

Listen to the stories behind the stories from the best magazines in our new series of podcasts, What About?

Developed in collaboration with WeTransfer, the six podcasts zoom in on that basic building block of magazines, the feature story. Each episode features one story from one magazine; Jeremy Leslie talks to the magazine editor about how the story developed into the finished item, then we hear the full text read as it was published.

Hear insights on a general and personal level from some of the leading magazine editors of our time, then enjoy the fruits of their work in a set of readings that are a reminder of what great storytelling can achieve. From the tough world of New York restaurants to the bird life around its new supertall skyscrapers, via the clothing choices of homeless Parisian men and the source of the world’s most exclusive white wines.

Featured magazines:
The New York Times Magazine (Editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein)
Vestoj (Editor-in-chief Anja Aronowsky Cronberg)
Victory Journal (Editor-in-chief Christopher Isenberg)
Lucky Peach (Editor-in-chief Peter Meehan)
Frieze (Editorial director Jennifer Higgie)
ZEITmagazin International (Editor-in-chief Christoph Amend)

Listen to What About? here.

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