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Pellicola #1

230 x 330 mm, 188 pages
Venice, Italy (English and Italian language)
First published 2024
Editors: Simone Corrò, Greta Fassina, Claudia Bigongiari
Art directors: Tomomot with Greta Fassina

Introducing Italian photography title Pellicola, a photography project of many forms: founded in 2016 as a website dedicated to visual culture, it became a non-profit organisation in 2023 to formalise their commitment to photographic practice, and now it debuts in print as a thoughtfully designed, large format magazine. 

For the first issue, the editors take on ‘Time’ as a theme and confront the tension between photography's nostalgic analog origins and its present-day democraticised, though data-infused, digital realisation. In their own words:

‘We have learned through our experience in Pellicola the importance of questioning photographs beyond their surface...From the need to slow down, to stop and converse with images in order to understand their urgencies that overproduction constantly devalues or nullifies, to take the Time necessary to delve into the works of photographers.

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