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Viscose Journal #4

245 x 330 mm, 174 pages
Copenhagen / New York (English-language)
Founding editor-in-chief: Jeppe Ugelvig
Creative director: Filip Samuel Berg
Art director: Rissa Hochberger

This issue: Trans

Viscose is one of several magazines—think Vestoj, Novella— addressing the theoretical rather than commercial side of fashion.

‘Viscose is a journal for fashion criticism. The name gestures to the possibilities in thinking about a certain material and materiality as the qualities of a critical project: neither solid nor liquid, neither truly natural (like cotton, wool, or silk) nor truly synthetic (like nylon or polyester).’

In this larger-format, pink, punky issue, Viscose explores 'the numerous relationships between transness and fashion.' Wrapped in a poster featuring graphics borrowed from the Digital Transgender Archives, the two questions at the core of this colorful edition are 'What is a fashion theory of transness?' and 'What might a trans theory of fashion be?'

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