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Solomiya #2

240 × 310 mm, 128 pages (elastic bound)
Berlin, Germany and Kyiv, Ukraine (English-language)
Editors: Ivanna Kozachenko (Kyiv), Vsevolod Kazarin (Kyiv), Andrii Ushytskyi (Kyiv) and Sebastian Wells (Berlin)
Art direction and design: Anne-Lene Prodd, Petre Bünnagel, Kollektiv Scrollan (Berlin)

Founded in April 2022 by Kyiv-based photographer Vsevolod Kazarin and Berlin photographer Sebastian Wells, Soлomiya is a visceral printed response to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

It takes form as a folio, documenting the everyday life through the literal and figurative lenses of young independent Ukrainians battling with the existentialism of the continued war by their eastern neighbour.  

Throughout the second issue find artworks created in Kherson (a city under Russian occupation), read accounts from those who have survived two invasions of Ukraine (in 2014 and 2022) and find QR codes to directly support Ukrainian organisations.

Featuring Lesha Berezovsky, Livyj Bereh, Dmytro Chepurnyi, Yuliia Manukian, Andrii Ushytskyi and Sebastian Wells.

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