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Mousse #85

237 x 325mm, 272 pages
Milan, Italy (Italian and English-language)
Quarterly since 2006
Editors: Chiara Moioli and Antonio Scoccimarro
Art director: Francesco Valtolina

Large-format Mousse gives a platform to international criticism of contemporary culture, commissioning essays and artwork each issue.

In addition to Criticism, Thinkers, Curators, Reprint, and Tidbits, this Autumn 2023 issue contains A Hypothesis of Resistance essay series by Cally Spooner, Survey of artist Donald Rodney, Fiction by Emily LaBarge, and two Monograph columns by Mitchell Anderson and Dora Budor respectively. 

Mousse offers two covers this issue: Donald Rodney's Doublethink (detail), 1992, and a kelly green saturated cover with contributors' names in bold modernist style.

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