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Open Spaces #4

203 x 280mm, 144 pages
First published 2021
Editor-in-chief: Yara Akkari
Creative director: Eri Miyagi
Art director: Sofia Lucarelli

'Architecture & Nature'

Within the carefully-designed pages of Open Spaces travel and art meet one another effortlessly. The first magazine we’re aware of that’s devoted to Land Art, this fourth issue is set mainly in Asia and themed ‘In Transit.’ While this may seem counterintuitive to the large and stationary quality of sculptural land art, editor Yara Akkari insists on the more soulful definition of transience:

‘In Buddhism, the idea of being in transit extends beyond physical travel; it encompasses the journey of the soul, the continuous cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.’

Find inside travels through Mongolian horse country, the verdant coast of Sri Lanka by train, the Okinawa blue zone, and beyond. 

On the Journal, a sample from the issue:
THWAK! Clank! Tiiing. Desert rocks pelt the undercarriage of the car as I slow to a stop. A fork in the road. I’m 9 miles from Rozel Point on Utah’s Great Salt Lake. My last chance for cell reception faded 7 miles ago and a tank of gas 26 miles before that…’ 

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