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Believe in indie book/mag shops? Helps our friends at Books Actually in Singapore secure their own space.

New York, 30 May: ModMag NY Edition, tickets still available.

In the run-up to ModMag NY, Mr Magazine interviews Jeremy Leslie, ‘The hardest part of the whole business remains the fact that one magazine is really easy to pick up and enjoy… but as soon as you put 20 of them in a box, they’re very difficult to handle’.

London, 23 May: The Rise and Fall of the Music Mag features Stool Piegon, Songlines, NME and more.

Author Tom Wolfe died this wek; he cut his teeth in magazines, read his 1972 Esquire piece about the great American novel.

Big publishers shared their new channels at the reent PPA Festival: podcasts, TV partnerships, knitted sloths…

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