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Overmatter 20.02.15

Overmatter 20.02.15

magCulture, MagPile, Magpie… well done to the PPA for finding another word starting with ‘mag’ for their new industry lobby group Magnetic.

Throughout history magazines representing rebellion on all sides…’ Steven Heller takes a look at ISIS magazine Dabiq.

The world which had the time and room… for three or four London-based weekly print music magazines is a place which belongs to black-and-white photos…’ gossip continues about the NME going free.

Take a sneaky look over the shoulder of Delayed Gratification art director Christian Tate as the new issue comes together.

The perfect match! Hot Rum Cow take over World Whisky Day. I can feel the hangover already.

The ninth Indian Magazine Congress takes place next week in Chennai.

Eye editor John L Walters’ reading list was revealed at YCN earlier this week, wisely leading with the ‘Humument’.

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