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Announcing Fiera magazine
New magazine

Announcing Fiera magazine

It’s been a busy time here at magCulture and it’s about to get busier. We’ve some really exciting things to share in the next few weeks, starting with Fiera, a new magazine project we’re developing with Katie Tregidden from the Confessions of a Design Geek blog. I don’t usually post here about the design projects we work on, they feature on the Projects part of the site, but this is an exception as it’s so closely related to other things we post.

Katie’s blog has a unique role in highlighting young product and furniture designers. To do this she visits the major design fairs across the world and reports on the best new design and designers she finds.

She attended one of Steve Watson’s Guardian Masterclasses on magazine-making, where we got to compare blogging experiences and her wish to move into print. The result is we’re collaborating to make that dream a reality.

To help that happen we’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign next week to raise funds for what I hope will be a valuable addition to design publishing. From a creative point of view I'm excited by my part in making the magazine; taking a more strategic angle, seeing the process of preparing the campaign and how it unfolds over the next month or so will be an invaluable experience.

We hope to launch Fiera – Italian for Fair – in November. Watch out for news of the fundraising campaign, and if you’d like to come to the campaign launch party drop us an email – info at magCulture dot com.

Our Kickstarter campiagn for Fiera is now open:

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