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Bumble #4
Out now

Bumble #4

Bumble magazine is back with its fourth issue. ‘Inspired by the beauty of nature’, the mag spotlights wildlife in the UK, as well as showcasing artists and authors who take inspiration from the natural world.

Think tree and animal identification, climate change, a short history of anti-plumage activism in the 19th century, butterflies, moths and invasive species.

While most imagery is photographic, I especially enjoyed a feature about artist Helen Thomas, and her paintings and drawings of ‘weeds and other opportunistic plants’. These overlooked, ‘unwanted’ plants ‘epitomise the resilience of nature… acting as a reminder that the built environment was, until relatively recently, very much their domain.’

Bumble’s fundamental aspiration is to make an informative publication that's accessible to all. It’s a magazine full of hope – an article devoted to the hedgehog and its dwindling numbers also features campaigners and rescue centres from around the UK. Here is a mag that is full of gentleness and inspiration; an antidote to bad news.

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